October 27th, 2005


Four million angry Floridians are still without power...

If you cut a voter's government benefits at some distant time in the future, they might not notice, but if you cut their power for a week, you're gonna have a helluva lot of angry people on your hands.

Really, I feel kind of bad for not covering this more, but frankly even I didn't anticipate Florida's inability to cope after Katrina. So many of Florida's "experts" were puffed up after Katrina, declaring that "this kind of response failure would never happen here..."

Guess again. Wilma sure showed them. I can only imagine how messed up things would be if they had gone through what Cancun went through, with a slower, stronger CAT-4 Wilma hitting them for two days straight, rather than a brief, considerably weaker flyover.

So, whether it's entirely fair or not, expect voters to blame the Bush Bros. on this one, and to punish them the next time they vote. It's very likely that we've seen a brief appearance by a weakened Hurricane Wilma do something in Florida that overt corruption, election theft, nepotism, and voter fraud couldn't accomplish.

Florida is no longer Bush country. Expect control of the state to shift to the Democratic Party in the next election. Chalk up 27 electoral votes into the blue column.

In one fell swoop, Wilma has destroyed the Bush legacy. Jeb will never become president. Never. He probably won't even be reelected should he choose to run for governor.

That said, John McCain just got a significant boost should he choose to run for president again. He's starting to look pretty old without his makeup, though. No knowing what he'll look like in another three years.

McCain will be 72 by the time the elections roll around in 2008, making him 2 years older than the oldest first-term president. Yes, that's right... even older than Reagan.

Yet another Republican indictment.

This time for a top Bush fundraiser and former Ohio head of the Bush/Cheney campaign, Thomas Noe, who got 24 of his friends to donate $2000 a piece so that he could bypass fundraising caps. All the prominent Republicans in the state courted Noe, and apparently took their piece of the loot. This isn't Noe's only scandal, though... he's also prominently involved in Coingate!

So, thanks to the determined efforts of Mr. Noe, Ohio's Republican politicians are facing complete meltdown, Bush has a whopping 61% disapproval rating, and the state will almost certainly lean towards the Democrats in the next election. Thank you, Mr. Noe. That's another twenty electoral votes in the blue column!

Just goes to show you... one man *CAN* make a difference!