October 17th, 2005


Rove reassures religious right that Miers opposes Roe v. Wade.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove arranged for two judges who were personal friends of Harriet Miers to participate in a conference call with this nation's most prominent religious conservatives, convincing them that Miers would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The judges and personal friends of Miers were asked, "Based on your personal knowledge of her, if she had the opportunity, do you believe she would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade?"

"Absolutely," said Judge Kinkeade.

"I agree with that," said Justice Hecht. "I concur."

It's perhaps no coincidence that the members of our nation's Congress were not invited to participate in the secretive conference call.

That said, the Journal reports:
"Some participants in the Oct. 3 conference call fear that they will be called to testify at Ms. Miers's hearings. "If the call is as you describe it, an effort will be made to subpoena everyone on it," a Judiciary Committee staffer told me.

It would be great entertainment to see see senators grilling people like James Dobson on whether they recieved a private briefing or private assurances from the Bush administration about how Miers would vote -- or perhaps whether they have been given similar private reassurances in the past, such as when Roberts was nominated.

By all appearances, these religious zealots may have more information about how our Supreme Court nominees will vote than the members of Congress themselves. Not good.

The Rocky and bullshit plot show.

Someone please bludgeon Sylvester Stallone. He's bringing back Rocky, and came up with a truely bad premise.


Stallone said the story has the aging, widowed Rocky initially refusing a chance to get back in the ring. "There's a computer fight between the reigning world champion and Balboa, and Balboa wins," he said.

"The champion's management says let's do this for real, for charity. Rocky says no but decides to be true to himself even though he's going to be berated by everyone. Just to compete, not to win."

Stallone said former heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr. is in talks to play Rocky's opponent, Mason Dixon. . . The rest of the cast will likely be unknowns.

This, apparently, was the best plot that Stallone could come up with after thinking about it for four years. And "Mason Dixon"? Why didn't they just call his opponent "Glass Joe" or "Bald Bull"?

If they really want to make a Rocky movie that people would enjoy paying $10 to see, they'd put 60-year-old Stallone in the ring with Roy Jones Jr. and let them go at it for real. Now *THAT* I'd pay $10 to see. I'd pay an extra $10 if they had Jones beat the crap out of Schwarzenegger too, while he's at it. For comedy relief, they could wheel a table into the ring once Stallone and Schwarzenegger had hit the canvas, so that Jones could relax and have a nice champagne brunch. He eat his meal and crack jokes, while Stallone and Schwarzenegger writhed around in pain, smearing their blood everywhere. The only catch is that any time one them got close to leaving the ring, Jones would get up from the table and beat the crap out of them again. They could let Quentin Tarantino direct. Hell, he could get his ass beaten too. It's all good fun, and who wouldn't take a considerable beating for a few million?

Three cheers for Talia Shire's decision not to take part in the last Rocky. I guess Adrian finally got enough self-respect to ditch a failing relationship with a violently abusive dumbass and his slimy, leeching, codependent brother-in-law. I hope she got custody of the kid, and took the chump for everything he had. I hope she's bangin' Apollo Creed.

Mickey was right about Rocky. "You ain't nothin' but a bum!"

Calling shenanegans on the Iraqi election.

Iraq's independent electoral commission is delaying the release of the election results, citing "unusually high" voting numbers and possible voting discrepencies in several regions of Iraq.

Veteran Iraq reporter Chris Albritton also seems to think that the vote tally is seriously in doubt in the Iraqi province of Ninevah. This is a big deal, because there were signs of a very high Sunni turnout there on the day of the election, and yet there's little sign that they voted, unless a lot more voted yes than expected.

So, we have an incredibly divisive, polarized election which will decide who runs everything. It will also help decide to what extent big multinational interests will be able to dominate the country's struggling economy. There are convincing, serious reasons to suspect that a full investigation into the election could change the outcome, a considerable minority of the public is on the verge of open revolt, and we're almost certain to get judges and lawyers involved in this mess before its all over with. It's quite possibly the worst case scenario.

Congratulations everyone... we've finally brought American-style democracy to Iraq!