September 12th, 2005


...but you were doing "a heck of a job"!

FEMA director Michael Brown resigns.

Which probably means "FEMA director Michael Brown resigns himself to taking a lucrative private sector job as either a lobbyist or a board member for a major multinational company."

The smart money is on him becoming a Washington lobbyist. Its one of the few jobs out there where lying on your resume and buying your way into the higher echelons of power might actually be a positive asset.

A rarity.

I approve of the new choice for FEMA director, David Paulison. Sounds to me like the Bush administration finally listened to the powers that be over at FEMA and allowed them to promote one of their most skilled managers from within the agency.

Too bad Bush didn't do this for the last two FEMA directors, rather than using FEMA -- an organization we all depend upon -- for cheap political appointments. It could've saved a lot of lives.