September 7th, 2005


Another prominent Repubican puts his foot in it.

"I mean, you have people who don't heed those warnings and then put people at risk as a result of not heeding those warnings. There may be a need to look at tougher penalties on those who decide to ride it out and understand that there are consequences to not leaving." - Sen. Rick Santorum (see video)

Of course, there are the pedestrians, the poor, the tourists who couldn't get a flight out, the essential workers, the homeless, the elderly, and those people who just had to be unlucky and had their car break down that day.

Rick Santorum wants to take people -- like all those doctors who were at the medical convention at the Ritz Carlton -- and either fine them or arrest them for not being able to evacuate. He doesn't care about their reasons for being there, or that they set up a free medical triage facility in the wake of the hurricane that helped to save lives.

Yet another stupid, ignorant thing out of the mouth of the man who wants to shut down the government's free weather sites, taking money away from the National Hurricane Center.