August 6th, 2005



Wikipedia is apparently going to tighten up access to modifying its content, freezing certain sections of their entries as permanent, so that they can't be defaced.

The amusing bit, however, is that they referenced a recent example of vandalism, where following the election of the new Pope Benedict in April, a user substituted the pontiff's photo on the Wikipedia site with that of the emperor from Star Wars.

Sure, there were parodies going around, but I think the fact that someone actually did this is pretty amusing...

Sniper wars in Iraq.

The Guardian has a very interesting story about an Iraqi sniper known only as Juba, who, since February has reportedly killed at least two U.S. soldiers in southern Iraq, while wounding at six others. Some believe that he has shot up to a dozen other soldiers.

He's patient, an expert shot, and he only fires once, never giving his prey a target to fix upon. Teams of U.S. snipers are now reportedly hunting for the man, who is a threat not only in terms of lives lost, but also because his methods could appeal to those Iraqis who would resist the U.S. but are turned off by the often indiscriminate attacks by terrorists and the insurgency.