June 17th, 2005


Thomas Friedman -- gambling addict extraordinaire.

Cheers of joy erupted today when Thomas Friedman, noted columnist for the New York Times, announced that he has the solution for a peaceful, democratic Iraq.

How did he singlehandedly accomplish this great feat? In a stroke of genius, he pulled 140,000 U.S. troops out of his ass.

"Maybe it is too late, but before we give up on Iraq, why not actually try to do it right? Double the American boots on the ground and redouble the diplomatic effort to bring in those Sunnis who want to be part of the process and fight to the death those who don't."


"Snake eyes!" said the dealer.

"Double or nothing!", yipped a trembling Friedman reflexively.

"Certainly sir. But the house requests that you first make good on the seventeen hundred you've lost already."

A flustered Friedman yelps "I don't have that on me right this second, but you know I'm good for it..."

"Sorry Sir. House rules. Guido, do you think you can escort Mr. Friedman to the back room and help him settle his debt?"

"But I'm still playing! I'm STILL PLAAAAAYING!!" Friedman says, as he is dragged away...