May 31st, 2005


Well... that was fun!

Nothing like starting the morning with a bit of fun at someone else's expense. In this case, by replying to a post I read on a maillist.

"The latest episodes of the new Doctor Who introduce a new supporting
character, Captain Jack Harkness, a charming con agent from the 51st.
century. He's pretty explicitly made out to be bisexual: when we first
see him, he comments on the Doctor's companion's "nice bottom." And then
he turns to a male character and says, "you've got a nice bottom too."
Later, he makes several comments about his bisexuality, until Rose (the
Doctor's companion) asks the Doctor about it. The Doctor replies that by
the 51st. century, humans are *very* flexible about sex partners,
including lots of alien species. At the end of that storyline, Captain
Jack joins the Doctor and Rose aboard the TARDIS, promising lots of
bisexual excitement in following episodes as well."

My reply?:

"So, he likes women, likes men, and apparently likes a wide variety of aliens
of indeterminate gender... so why are you promoting gender stereotypes by
calling him bisexual?!

On behalf of countless thousands of alien species who don't fall into your
narrow, tidy definition of sexual behavior, I feel I must protest. Clearly,
he is pansexual. By calling him bisexual, you're discriminating against a
wide variety of nongendered, multigendered, and hermaphroditic species out
there. You wouldn't call someone who made love with the plasma seed swarms
of the Thrax a bisexual, even if they appeared in a corporial human form in
order to not offend your sensibilities, would you? Why, they have at least
*SIX* genders alone... and even more in zero gravity!

Just go ahead and call a Txrrraal of Hydrae Six a bisexual and see what they
think about it. You'd be lucky *just* to get your head bitten off... more
likely, you'd have your glands agonizingly sucked out of your body through a
feeding nozzle!"


Self-deception: It's the patriotic thing to do!

"The level of activity that we see today from a military standpoint, I think, will clearly decline. I think they're in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency." - Dick Cheney

Ah, the old rope-a-dope. Cheney gets to play the dope, too.

Any dope should notice the fact that coalition casualties have gone up over twofold since the Iraqi elections -- hardly a basis to proclaim success. This month is shaping up to be one of the bloodiest so far, especially for the Iraqis themselves. Why should anyone believe that Iraqi police can stop the insurgents anyway? Do our police stop illegal immigrants from crossing into our country? Usually not... all they can do is stop a fraction of them. The simple truth is this -- so long as we're in Iraq, militants from both inside and outside of Iraq, will want to attack us.

Dopier still, however, is the Bush administration claim that our enemies are weak when they choose to actively fight us, but a fearsome threat when we need a justification to attack them. Our enemies in the Islamic world aren't feigning weakness or a lack of determination -- they're in this fight for the long haul, despite what twits like Cheney would like us to believe. Although it is uncertain whether more or fewer Iraqis are still actively involved in the insurgency, it *IS* quite clear that foriegn Islamic insurgents are coming into Iraq to fight us at a greater rate than ever before.

Not surprising, perhaps, considering that the Bush administration has ignored the fact that many, if not most, of these militants are coming in from Saudi Arabia. Rather than trying to plug the borders there, the U.S. has tried to place the blame on Syria, despite serious, expensive efforts on their behalf to perform the nearly impossible task of keeping their border closed.

Just as Syria's efforts to police their border indicate a level of cooperation with them not seen since the first Gulf War, Syria's recent withdrawl from Lebanon was also a historic, meaningful event. Both of these acts, however, have only brought additional threats from the Bush administration. All stick, no carrot. Unfortunately, they have threatened Syria one too many times, and now Syria has withdrawn military and intelligence cooperation with the U.S., thereby reducing the longterm security of their borders.

As in most of their dealings with foriegn powers, the Bush administration have shown themselves to be a bunch of ingrates. As always in their dealings with their own citizens, they have shown themselves to be intentionally self-deluded and dishonest. It's a pity that our soldiers will have to pay for their mistakes.

Too much dope. Not enough rope.