May 27th, 2005


Soldier-kicking Asshat of the Month Award

The Soldier-kicking Asshat of the Month award goes to San Diego's own, Rep. Duncan Hunter(R).

Mr. Hunter, who recently passed an amendment to the defense authorization bill which prevents female soldiers from serving in potential ground combat units, delivered soldiers a kick to the happy sacks by stripping a bipartisan-approved, Democrat-sponsored ammendment out of the 2006 defense budget proposal, which would have given Reservists and their family members a quality healthcare program, claiming that giving Reservists health care would be too expensive and would blow the DoD's budget. wasn't exactly a "giveaway" for reservists, though. They would still have to pay $75 a month for individual coverage or $233 for their entire family, which is a lot of money to ask, considering their salaries and financial burdens.

The total cost of this program to the Defense Department? An average of $770 million a year over the next five years, or approximately .0018% of the annual defense budget.

Yeah, that's a real budget blower, alright... approximately 2/3rds the cost of one stealth bomber. Which is worth more to the military? Two-thirds of a bomber we don't use most of the time, or giving over 1.1 million reservists serving around the world a higher level of health, better morale, a higher degree of readiness, and happier, safer families they don't have to worry about quite as much when they're deployed overseas, fighting our wars for us?

This, btw, is the same Duncan Hunter who has tried to impede and misdirect the investigations into Abu Ghraib, because his biggest donor, Titan Corporation, was implicated in the torture of prisoners.