May 10th, 2005


Evil puzzle crack from Japan sweeps Britain!

Su Doku is a new kind of puzzle from Japan which has taken Britain by storm, quickly finding a home in several of their major newspapers. It boasts a growing cadre of addicts who appreciate both the simplicity of the idea, combined with the mindbending challenge of solving the puzzles.

So, what is a Su Doku?

This is. The rules are simple: Enter numbers between 1 and 9 into each of the blank spaces in the grid, in such a way that each small grid *AND* each row and column also contain the numbers 1 through 9. The rows, columns, and small grids don't need to be in any particular order... they just need to have all nine numerals in them.

For those who want a challenge, try printing off this post and giving the Su Doku above a try. It should keep you busy for a while. Here's a tutorial that will help you figure out some strategies to solve them.

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If you want more free Su Doku crack, I would recommend the free puzzle archive at , downloading this free Su Doku software, or getting the more expensive fix over at It looks like a fledgling community called sudoku has already popped up, too.

C'mon, give it a try. It's only *one* little puzzle... (snicker, snicker!)

New Harry Potter crack...

Here's the first trailer for "The Goblet of Fire", which is hitting the screens in November.

My latest Harry Potteresque fix while waiting for the next book has actually come from the amusing, equally addictive anime/manga "Mahou Sensei Negima", which is released as "Negima!" for the manga title. Think of a young Harry Potter-like apprentice wizard who has been tasked to teach a classful of slightly older Japanese schoolgirls, all of whom have the hots for teacher. His familiar isn't an owl either, but a lecherous, panty-obsessed ermine. The series is actually quite good, and is an excellent reason to use BitTorrent (or one of the BitTorrent-based clients, such as BitComet) which can be used to download "fansubbed" (fan-subtitled) anime and manga. Panties magically dissolve and cute romantic flirtations ensue. Lucky lad.

For those of you who are prone to scream "PIRACY!!!", it might surprise you to know that most anime fansubs are actually quite ethical, and actually help to build the fanbase and encourage anime sales.