May 5th, 2005


Election Day in Britain.

... and the polls are closing in another few hours, followed by the inevitable flurry of initial results.

While it is practically a foregone conclusion that Labour will win, I would be very much surprised if this is really a "winning" day for Blair. He'll get blamed for any close losses inside his party, and will probably be asked to go by his own party soon enough, leaving Gordon Brown, current Chancellor of the Treasury, to clean up the mess.

Everybody looooves Gordon Brown in Britain, because the British economy is actually doing quite well... but maybe that's the point. Gordon Brown is great at micromanaging the economy, but how effective will he be overseeing the books when he becomes Prime Minister?

The Peter Principle could theoretically kick in...
"The theory that employees within an organization will advance to their highest level of competence and then be promoted to and remain at a level at which they are incompetent."

Meanwhile, I feel pretty confident that the LibDems will do better than predicted and garner 25% or more of the vote... and, with any luck, they will also manage to unseat several Conservatives in the process. That should put them within striking distance, and hopefully give them more of a voice and a chance to prove themselves.

I'm going to be glad when this election is over, frankly, because I am sick of most of the British news sites lately, especially The Guardian. Everything they've said recently has been slanted towards Labour, even though their own readers tend to be very supportive of the Liberal Democrats. Why tell 40%+ of your readers -- the most principled ones -- that they're stupid?! The Guardian published daily editorials highlighting the need to support Labour's social policies, while overlooking Labour's complicity in the death of tens of thousands of Iraqis, and their deceit in dragging an unwilling democratic nation into an illegal war.

"Sorry about all those dead bodies, but at least student class size has gone down."

Even a dictator can keep the kids in school and the trains running on time.