May 2nd, 2005


South Bay libraries get a blog.

I recently discovered that the Santa Clara County Library system now has a weblog, which serves as a short list of what the local libraries are up to lately. The weblog has an RSS feed, which can now be added to your friends list under the name of sccoop.

The events are often what you'd expect, but there are a few interesting surprises every now and then. The Milpitas Library, for instance, is having a Miyazaki film festival all this month, with showings of his movies every Thursday, and an all-day festival of his films this upcoming Saturday.

There are also occasional displays of high-tech geekdom, such as Google employees dropping by the local library to teach advanced searching techniques, or O'Reilly /Safari Publishing sharing their catalog online as e-books, freely available to anyone with a Santa Clara County library card.

Other recent events have included poetry slams, a Hawaiian festival (complete with hula dancing and a slack key guitarist), peformances by a Celtic folk guitarist, free tax assistance, the CourtMobile (free legal assistance), and a wide variety of other programs.

...and for those old school punks who want to feel *REALLY* old school, it may amuse you to hear that the Campbell library just held a "Punk crafts program", teaching kids how to make patches and wrist cuffs, complete with free supplies and refreshments. Oi!