April 22nd, 2005


Free Frosty weekend... and giving Wendy's the finger.

Looks like the finger that was found at a local Wendy's in a bowl of chili was put there by the customer, in order to cash in on a potential lawsuit. Who woulda thunk?!

Unfortunately for her, the woman who was arrested already had managed to rip other people off too... such as selling a poor hispanic woman a mobile home she didn't even own for $11,000. (Just goes to show that you can't buy *anything* around here for that price.)

Wendy's business has suffered as a result of the finger hoax, so the company's 50 Bay Area restaurants are giving out free Frosties all weekend in a bid to restore consumer faith in its brand. Mmm frosties...

That said, I see it as an excellent opportunity for culture jamming, myself. After all, what has Wendy's done for you lately? Did you know that they give 91% of their political donations to the Republicans, making them the most pro-Republican fast food chain? Or that they've helped pass bills to let Child Protective Services take away parent's custody of their kids -- even if there is no evidence of any child abuse whatsoever?!

...so, why *not* have a bit of fun with them? I'm not thinking of anything malicious, mind you... but certainly a bit of humor can be injected into your local Wendy's with these wind-up "walking" body parts... or perhaps with these custom designed "foam fingers". Imagine the surprise you'll get when you and a team of pranksters go into your local Wendy's and congratulate the employees for not mutilating their customers and making them eat human flesh, awarding them a "Wendy's is #1" foam finger! Or just get a team of people to dress up as zombies, shamble over to the local Wendy's, and ask for human flesh...

But whatever you do, bring a camcorder, and give me a copy.