March 14th, 2005


Dubious equal rights in Iraq.

An interesting report on NPR today regarding women serving in Iraq had some sobering statistics that are rarely reported.

- One in seven U.S. military personnel serving in Iraq is female.
- 35 female U.S. military personnel have died in Iraq as of March 2005.
- 261 female U.S. military personnel have been wounded in Iraq.

So, yes, there are a lot of women in Iraq, and many *DO* come home dead or wounded. That said, given that one in seven female military personnel in Iraq are women, and given the rate of fatalities, we can calculate their risk of dying as approximately 1/6th as much as male soldiers.

Both men and women are risking their lives, but not even equally, due to military policy. These policies grate at many of the women serving in Iraq, but if they weren't in place, approximately 200 female U.S. soldiers would have died in Iraq by now.