March 10th, 2005


British legal rationale for Iraq war about to collapse?!

Lord Goldsmith, the British Attorney General, is being accused of misleading the British cabinet about the legality of the invasion of Iraq, and faces a British Bar Council investigation as to whether he has violated their legal rules of conduct.

Blair had previously told MPs that the cabinet did not need a full text of the attorney's legal advice - as required by the ministerial code of conduct - as Lord Goldsmith had explained it in an oral presentation, but there are strong suspicions that the written legal advice given the Prime Minister by Lord Goldsmith was fundamentally different than that given during Goldsmith's presentation to the British cabinet, and that he advised Blair that involvement in the war against Iraq could be ruled unlawful by an international court.

The barristers who accuse him say that if Lord Goldsmith was politically influenced to amend his advice, this could be in violation of two sections of the Bar Council's code which deal with barristers' independence.

The government has until tomorrow to respond to a Freedom of Information Act to publish the attorney general's full legal advice on the war and the resignation letter of the deputy chief legal adviser at the Foreign Office, Elizabeth Wilmshurst, who left her job as a deputy legal adviser because she believed that use of force against Iraq was unlawful.

If the Blair government continues to refuse the release of these documents, the information commissioner, Richard Thomas, will conduct an independent review and has the power to order their release to the public.

Wouldn't it be *nice* if we could show that some of the lawyers in the Bush administration violated their rules of conduct vis-a-vis Iraq and disbar them too?!

It reads like chess notation.


3Voor12 has a *HUGE* archive of streaming concerts available on their site... very generous. They could use an easier to use archive -- their flash-driven archive isn't a complete list -- but their site's search features more than make up for it, as they let you listen to (and occasionally view) not only concerts, but individual songs in their deejay's playlists. (The Beeb should do this!)

Just listened to a Lamb concert... now listening to Sigur Ros... and you can even find "Lute Score" by imomus. A wealth of new sounds to hear and media you can get blissfully lost in... and they have rss feeds so you can track it all, such as 3voor12concerts, which lists the latest concerts they added to their archive.