January 29th, 2005




Here's John (learnteach), kidding around with Natalie, who is already exhausted after little sleep and days of packing.

Natalie and I drove in the U-Haul for three hours or so, feeling thoroughly tired and generally beat / beaten up... and yet it was romantic at times, driving through the rolling green hills of a northern Californian spring, entering this new life together and trusting for the best.

We arrived back at my house/Kirsten's house/Natalie's new house, thoroughly ready to collapse, only to see a small army of friends descend upon our house and stuff, sorting things out in an amazingly rapid rate. Efficiently doing more than we could possibly ever ask at a time in a moment when we needed help the most, and with no apparent breakage, even... Incredible! Our house, which had gone through a month of decluttering, soon found itself filled with no end of new stuff... an amount that seems overwhelming for the moment, but which will sort itself out nicely, I'm sure. We managed to stay awake for Indian food with the small army of friends, went home, and collapsed somewhere around 10 or so.

I woke up at around 3am, muscles acheing, and dragged myself to the hot tub. It helped a bit. Tea and vitamins, then... writing this post, and back to bed.

Some would say the hard part is over. Some would say it has just begun. I wonder what the future holds, but with Natalie, Kirsten, and our friends, I am in such excellent company. I trust in it, and can wait for it to happen in the full course of time. There are bound to be wonderful adventures along the way.

Natalie will wake up tomorrow to this new life, which we hope to share together with great happiness... a happiness we hope will never leave us, and which we no longer have to depart from.

We're home, love. Together. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow...