January 27th, 2005


Late night grillin'

I didn't get a chance to eat earlier, and there were some boneless pork loin chops to be had... but typical American-style pork chops bore me to tears.

Soooo I googled a very nice selection of Vietnamese recipes, and made the Vietnamese-style grilled pork, substituting chives for scallions and adding in a little extra nam pla, a tiny bit of pepper, and some garlic powder. I sliced the pork chops in half so I would have twice the amount of thinner cutlets, marinaded them, and stuck them under the oven's grill for about 3 minutes a side, until blackened on the edges.

Unbelievable, very authentic tasting, and a very inexpensive meal when served over rice or rice noodles... I've seen the light and found my marinade of choice. Can't wait to do the same thing to skewers of shrimp.

Sure, I can buy smaller amounts of the same thing a few miles away for $7 after tax & tip, but mmmm. No. Do'wanna.

We're all to blame.

In January 2002, Scott Ritter called Iraq a "phantom threat" and warned us of Ahmed Chalabi's "dubious motivations" for fomenting a war. Now Ritter is saying that we're all responsible for Iraq, because we, as a public, bought into the unproven argument that Iraq had WMDs. In that light, how should we view the Iranian situation? Is it fair for the US to insist upon arguably hypocritical terms for a fellow signatary to the Non Proliferation Treaty? Doesn't Iran have legitimate rights for nuclear development? Shouldn't we demand proof of a nuclear weapons program before we even consider entering into a conflict our military believes would most certainly escalate? The Bush administration says that "there's NO DOUBT that Iran continues a nuclear program"... an obvious lie. No doubt?! There is no proof of an Iranian nuclear weapons program. Period.