January 7th, 2005


Republicans scareing old ladies again.

According to a leaked White House email, the key to passing George W. Bush's plan for social security is simple -- scare the public.

"Let me tell you first what our plans are in terms of sequencing and political strategy. We will focus on Social Security immediately in this new year. Our strategy will probably include speeches early this month to establish an important premise: the current system is heading for an iceberg."

Except, of course, it's not. It's solid for decades. Or at least it should be solid... so long as Bush stops trying to plunder it.

What I thought was even clearer were the sections which mentioned how the Republicans would pay for privatizing Social Security. It would be done by putting the country even further in debt, cutting benefits to retirees, and... wait for it ... raising taxes.

*That's* what the Democrats need to repeat loudly for the next two years until the next congressional elections.

Oh Joi!

If you're into weblogs, it's hard not to have heard of Joi Ito. He is a member of ICANN's board of directors, a venture capitalist, a well-known weblogger, and a Chairman of Six Apart, which acquired LiveJournal yesterday.

In an environment where many are concerned about LiveJournal selling out, it's not exactly promising that Joi is starting off by posting a banner ad, violating section XVI, paragraph 7 of LiveJournal's terms of service.

**UPDATE** - If you want a *REALLY* good laugh, you should see the comments for the article the banner ad was supposed to point to! Apparently, lots of pissed off readers thought that the banner ad for IT Managers was little more than spam trolling...

"Why did they bother advertising this article? this is the first time in about 6 months I've clicked a banner ad. And it was to this!!?"

"I have to agree. This was a complete waste of time and I think it's bullshit that someone was actually instructed to put together a banner ad, and put it out to the ad networks, for something so lame. It has sucessfully embeded in my mind the idea that this site is not worth ever returning to again. "

"I found the article in-depth and extremely informative. I am now a lifetime supporter of itmanagersjournal and am currently pursuing gay sex with Craig Newmark. "

More amusing comments are available if you scroll to the bottom of the article.