January 5th, 2005


LiveJournal, SixApart, etc.

Yes, yes... I know. I have no comment at this time.

Which, of course, is to say that I *will* most assuredly have something to say later. For the time being, I suggest you read the MetaFilter post on this issue.

**Update: eWeek has reportedly confirmed the rumor. Brad has been posting numerous times today over at lj_maintenance, and I'm sure he heard about the rumor last night, so he's certainly had the chance to respond in some fashion. He has intentionally chosen not to.**

**Update #2: After a day of delay, Brad finally confirms it.**

Since much of this purchase has been done with stock, it's telling that nobody seems to be talking about the obvious -- is having a profit-driven, soon-to-be-publically traded company control what software goes into an open source project a good thing?

How would we view this if, say, Yahoo! purchased Slashdot, and was able to decide what features went into all future releases of Slashcode? Would they refuse to add new features that might not serve their business model? Would they release new features that *aren't* open source and then charge people for them?