January 2nd, 2005


Happy new year everyone.

I had a really quiet New Year's Eve with iceblink, as we're *STILL* both fighting this year's crud. Flus are getting nastier... this one just hangs around indefinitely, presumably feeding off of all the holiday goodies. Maybe I should eat tofu until it gets bored and decides to leave.

Unfortunately, I gave the crud to noressa, who sounds charmingly squeaky when sick. She arrived on the 1st and got her birthday present from me -- a kind of homemade "advent calendar" that I made with a bead box and construction paper, some simple decorations, and a hot glue gun. The box has compartments for every day from the 1st of this month all the way to the 1st of next month when she finally moves in. Each day is full of little gifts, notes, and memories of the time we've spent together and all the things we've done, which should help see her through those days we can't be together.

I haven't heard of anyone else doing this before, so I'm really pretty happy with the idea. They'd be perfect for soldiers overseas, I think... except that they would probably drive the people who inspect packages nuts. All the better, then!

We're having a "spa" weekend, as much as is possible here. Lots of tea, lots of rest, lots of time in the hot tub, and lots of cuddling while watching anime. Maybe we'll even light a fire in the front room and enjoy the still-twinkling Christmas tree and the remaining ambiance of the season. It's all so horribly sentimental, but it's incredibly cozy too, which works for me.

Oh... and you should all watch the new "Making Fiends" Christmas bonus and wintery episode. Hell, if you haven't seen it before, you should start at Episode 1 and go all the way through to the end, as you'd probably love them all. It's very Chas. Addams meets South Park!