December 21st, 2004


Operation Rumsfailure nearly complete!

A Gallup poll reports that 52% of Americans think Rumsfeld should resign, compared to 36% who thinks he should not. The secretary's approval rating has fallen from 71 percent in April 2003 to 41 percent in the new survey. As for Bush, he has an approval rating of 49%, down from a November high of 55%. A whole bunch of Bush voters must be quietly wishing for "do-overs" right about now...

Personally, I hope Bush holds onto Rumsfeld. much like I might hope that Usama Bin Laden would go deep sea diving with a particularly heavy anchor dangling from his leg.

Don't let go of Rumsfeld, Mr. President... 'cause I'd like to see your sorry ass dragged down with him.

What Iraqis want for Christmas...

Riverbend, an Iraqi in Baghdad, made a wishlist for what kinds of things most Iraqis would like for Christmas that's remarkably mundane and sad.

1. 20 liters of gasoline
2. A cylinder of gas for cooking
3. Kerosene for the heaters
4. Those expensive blast-proof windows
5. Landmine detectors
6. Running water
7. Thuraya satellite phones (the mobile phone services are really, really bad of late)
8. Portable diesel generators (for the whole family to enjoy!)
9. Coleman rechargeable flashlight with extra batteries (you can never go wrong with a fancy flashlight)
10. Scented candles (it shows you care- but you're also practical)

In her words:
"I won't list 'peace', 'security' and 'freedom' - Christmas miracles are exclusive to Charles Dickens."

Also, according to one person I know over there, the mobile phone problems are largely intentional...

"After a mortar attack or car bomb or any other security related exercise, the US military shuts down the Iraqna mobile phone network to prevent insurgent coordination and mobile-phone-triggered bombs."

Sounds highly plausible. I hear they're using wireless door bells for detonators now.

Attack on US base in Mosul.

What appears to be an Iraqi rocket hit a large US mess tent in Mosul today. Initial reports say at least 22 people are dead and over 60 wounded, mostly soldiers. I'm hoping that arachjournalism is ok and will check in, as he is based there.

Two reporters from the Richmond Times Dispatch were on hand and took these photos of what happened. They also posted two mp3 files (1, 2) with a satellite phone to describe the scene.