December 15th, 2004


Gunning through Iraq.

Michael Tucker is a filmmaker who goes out on location. He has shot footage in Asia, America, Africa, and Australia... so it must've seemed kind of natural for him to go to Iraq.

He returned with "Gunner Palace", a movie documenting his two months with the 2/3 Field Artillery.

Well, I got an email from him today. He apparently liked one of my recent posts, and thought I would be interested in this clip from his movie that ties into the whole Rumsfield / armor issue. He also pointed me to the movie trailer.

I suspect that Michael is either a skilled flatterer or a skilled promoter. In either case, he's got my plug. I feel so used... but I still want to see this movie!

What in Helmand's going on?!

Looked at my friends list, only to notice a particular sentence from someone who dabbles in Military Intelligence *cough* Spook! *cough* to a contractor...

"your team is going to die if they take this job in Helmand..."

Helmand?! What the hell is Helmand?!?! Is it yet another base in Iraq?

(google, google)

Ahh... I see. That *other* war... the one where the central government's military is outnumbered 5-1 by the warlords alone, and where those traitors from France and Germany risk their soldier's lives every day.

But why would they be killed there?
(google news, google news)

Poll #403960 Why would anyone die in Afghanistan?

And the answer is...


Narc-a-neighbor... again?!

Well, howdy. F*ck us harder.

The Republicants are trying to bring back Operation TIPS in a softer, friendlier package, after outrage killed it dead when it was first brought forward after 9/11. It is being brought back, I suppose, because creating a police state has always been a part of the Bush agenda for America.

The scary thing is that Republicans think that Americans are ignorant, cowed, and utterly pathetic enough to accept such a thing now that Bush has a "mandate"... the sad thing is they're probably right. Several cities and states already have trial programs in the works.

The asshole who gets to float this trial baloon turd? Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts... spilling his festering, bile-filled bowels into the Boston Harbor and calling it soup.

"The eyes and ears which gather intelligence need to be as developed in our country as they were in foreign countries during the cold war," said Mr. Romney, stirring up fond memories of the K.G.B. and the East German secret police. "Meter readers, E.M.S. drivers, law enforcement, private sector personnel need to be on the lookout for information which may be as useful."

It's kinda like Disneyland... except that everyone is a spy. The friendly meter man, peeking in your windows and wondering why you're using extra electricity this month. The mail man, who stares suspiciously at your packages and jots down a quick address. The pizza delivery boy, who thinks you don't tip enough, but likes a good practical joke.

Hometown USA -- A nation of finks.