November 2nd, 2004


So, it's Election Day.

Go Vote. Do It Now.Arrive early, and just do it.

Whether you believe in Kerry or in Bush, I'm sure you also believe that your candidate could benefit from having a popular mandate. In that sense, your vote counts just as much in California or Texas as it does in Ohio or Florida.

And if you don't believe in Kerry or Bush... well, I hope you're supporting Michael Badnarik, because otherwise you deserve to be bitchslapped. Why? Because Ralph Nader has lost it. For a 3rd party candidate, it's amazing how much he has gotten from Kerry/Edwards... and yet he's a complete ingrate.

He wanted to talk to Kerry, so Kerry talked to him. He wanted Kerry to pick Edwards as a running mate... and Kerry picked Edwards. Kerry even said that he would regularly meet with Nader to discuss policy and work together on issues... but then Nader started pissing all over him and taking Republican money. He even had the nerve to call Edwards "a sniveling coward" for not being tougher on Cheney in the debates by making the right to sue people a bigger issue.

Is there *anyone* out there who thinks this election should've been *more* about the right to sue people? By the time the dust has settled on this election, we're might be collectively wishing that lawsuits never existed. Who needs voters, when the lawyers and judges can decide who won for us?

So, what does Ralph Nader want, anyway? The answer is clear. Our eternal love and devotion. He's like an overly protective mother with a martyr complex, who sets unrealistic goals for her children that don't reflect reason or reality, who makes them feel like crap for never being good enough, who insults and embarasses them in front of others... and then has the nerve to guilt trip them when they don't call anymore.

Ralph Nader might be an Arab-American, but he'd make the perfect Jewish mother.

You know that old episode of Star Trek with the mirror universe Kirk? Ralph Nader is the mirror universe Bush. One is neo-conservative, and one is far-left, but both are demogogues. If there were any justice in this world, they would be sentenced to fly through the great vastness of space in one of those Superman II mirror prisons, where they could wrestle with each other for all eternity, while John Kerry and John McCain find ways to work together and fix America.

I've already voted. You should go vote if you haven't already yourself. If you haven't voted, however, and think you may have registered in the past, or would like to vote but don't know if you can, please feel free to leave an anonymous comment. I promise to try to answer your questions and I won't laugh at you... much.

First exit polls on the race.

Here are the first Associated Press exit polls, as confirmed by Republican and Democrat sources:

AZ 45-55 Bush
CO 48-51 Bush
LA 42-57 Bush
MI 51-48 Kerry
WI 52-48 Kerry
PA 60-40 Kerry
OH 52-48 Kerry
FL 51-48 Kerry

Though not known for their love of Kerry, the Drudge Report begrudgingly concurs.

A second round of polls, conducted by the Kerry campaign, shows similar trends, and suggests that Kerry will win in New Hampshire and is a likely winner in New Mexico.

MI 51-47 Kerry
NM 50-48 Kerry
MN 58-40 Kerry
WI 52-43 Kerry
IA 49-49 Kerry
NH 57-41 Kerry

These are early morning exit poll results, which are a far from a certain indicator, but which have historically favored the Republican Party. Generally, the Democrats are the party that tends to vote later in the day, so it appears that we're looking at some very motivated voters nationwide, who want to vote early and make sure that their votes count.

Early indications? A clear, decisive victory for John F. Kerry.

*deep breath* *smiles*
This is what democracy looks like.

...and in other news, Griffindor wins the House Cup!

Fallujah given the final go-ahead..

It looks like the green light has been given for the assault on Fallujah. Should happen very soon after the election.

This from a soldier over there:

"With all due respect, Sir, fuck you." Nov. 2nd, 2004|11:26 pm
well, its been pushed back enough to have given me a good few days off... now it looks like we're actually going.

I hope that bastard loses...

Me too, friend. Me too. Watch your buddies and bring them all back in one piece.

The final push for the vote.

Sure, you've probably voted already. Sure, most of your friends have probably voted too. But do you *know* for sure that they've voted already? And do you know whether your friend's friends have voted?!

So call them. IM them. Text message them. Email them. Leave them a comment. They'll appreciate hearing from you. And ask them to contact their friends too. It's simple, quick, and viral.

So, if you haven't voted, VOTE. Now. If you have voted, contact your friends, and get them to VOTE now... or get them to contact their friends too.

Calls, IMs, texting, email, comments... it's all good!

Take care,


The race is damn close.

Judging from what I can see, it looks like Kerry will lose Florida, Arizona, and Colorado... but is likely to sqeak out victories in Ohio, New Hampshire, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa. When I say squeak, I mean squeak... all of these states are in Kerry's favor, but could go the other way. Give him a 70% chance on each of these states... but the penalty for one misstep is losing the election.

Nevada is damn close, but will probably trend Kerry. New Mexico is damn close, but will probably trend Bush.

*IF* current trends in *ALL* these states hold out, Kerry *should* get 284 electoral votes and a win. That said, Ohio is a really, really close race, and depends largely upon the final vote count in Cincinnati. If Kerry loses Ohio, he loses. If he loses Iowa, he loses. If he loses Nevada, he loses.

That said, the votes from California, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii will probably give Kerry the majority of the popular vote. If Bush wins, he will once more *NOT* have a consensus from this election... expect long days of fighting, both at home and abroad. Don't expect a honeymoon, but expect Bush to act like there was one. Expect him and his to be dragged out of the White House four years too late, after the damage has been done.

Despite how close things are, though, I am going to pick a winner.

Osama Bin Laden. He gets to fight an America that's hopelessly divided.
The loser? The world, the U.S., Bush, Kerry, and the Iraqi people. Not neccessarily in that order.

Time to hit the hot tub for the night.

Looks like Bush will win Ohio in a squeaker, though I have to wonder whether any of the dirty tricks and late absentee ballots will have any effect on this. Expect recounts and a lot of upset feelings over people who were denied provisional ballots, but still, it looks like Bush will squeak out a victory there. Bush is also winning New Mexico, so that's pretty much a wrap as far as the precinct voting goes. I really don't know what difference absentee voting will make, but apparently they're slowly starting to call the states anyway, so...

California, surprisingly, isn't polling as strongly for Kerry as expected, so it's still up in the air who will win the popular vote. Over 70% of the California vote hasn't been counted yet, however, and Los Angeles is particularly underrepresented.

So, basically, it's like it's 2000 all over again, only this country is in a substantially worse position. Gah.