October 22nd, 2004


And now, the good news from Iraq...

First, the good news: Residents of Fallujah hatve denounced Zarqawi and his terrorists, and will now gladly kick them out of their city! And a new poll shows that 85% of Iraqis want to vote in the upcoming election!

The bad news: Zarqawi & Co. aren't in Fallujah, and the people there hate him because Zarqawi is making it harder for the real Iraqi resistance to kill our soldiers. Even by US Army estimates, the terrorists are only 5-10% of the armed resistance in Fallujah, and if they've moved on, they won't be the ones dying when we turn a city of 300,000 people into a free-fire zone. For the civilians caught in the middle, Fallujah will be like Baghdad all over again.

And yes, 85% of Iraqis want to vote... to get rid of Allawi and elect religious leaders. Allawi, who once had a 62% approval rating, is at 43% and falling according to a poll primarily taken last month before US attacks on Samarra and other Iraqi cities. By my estimation, if Allawi's support mirrors support for the coalition, then he probably has significant support from the Kurds, but only about 20% support in non-Kurdish Iraq.

So, who is Iraq's most popular politician currently?

Abdel Aziz Hakim, head of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution (SCIRI) and a man with close ties to Iran. After all, the Iranians paid for and armed SCIRI for years. The Hakim family used to be members of Da'wa, the organization that gave birth to Hezbollah and attacked the US embassy in Kuwait back in 1983, but apparently Da'wa cut ties with them. Why? Because SCIRI was in the pocket of the Iranians.

"(The U.S. occupation) is primarily responsible for (the death of my brother) and the blood that is shed all over Iraq every day. Iraq must not remain occupied and the occupation must leave so that we can build Iraq as God wants us to do." - Abdel Aziz Hakim

Oh, and did I mention he also controls a paramilitary army and his organization wants to impose Islamic law?

Gwynne Dyer called it in March of 2003...

"SCIRI's leaders are moving back into Iraq right now. Two years from now, they will either be ruling Iraq or struggling to break away from it (and take most of the oil with them)."

The puppies of purgatory.

Bush's newest ad sics the dogs on us.

But it looks more like a pack of lies to me...

The ad mentions intelligence cuts after "the first terrorist attack on America"... but fails to say that they are referring to the 1993 WTC attack, and that factcheck.org already debunked these claims back in March. The Bush campaign seems to believe that if they repeat the same old lie often enough, it will become true.

But if you want to see budget cuts in intelligence that really effected us in the war on terror, why go back so far? Why not take a look at this article that came out today, for instance, that documents the Bush administration putting off an $80 million plan to train and equip a friendly intelligence service for the Afghan government, and how they cut Task Force 5 -- a covert commando team that led the hunt for bin Laden and his followers -- by more than two-thirds of its fighting strength?

The only thing that the ad is honest about is that this is "an increasingly dangerous world"... thanks to GWB. And who turned his back on these wolves and left them on our doorstep?
o/~ "Who let the dogs out? Bush! Bush! Bush! Bush!"