October 17th, 2004


For some, there's only one obvious way to end the war.

Just read a tragic story about a Marine who returned from Iraq with inner demons that tormented him until he took his own life. Some of the details in the story are just horrific.

"He was really relieved to be back when he first got home," Debbie, his younger sister, said. "He looked tired and was thinner, but he seemed fine at first."

Then he quickly began to break down. Depression set in, and Jeff dealt with it by going on heavy drinking binges. On Christmas Eve, he sat down with Debbie and gave his first account of being told to shoot two unarmed Iraqi soldiers.

The way he told the story, Jeff was about five feet away from two Iraqis - each about his own age - when he was ordered to shoot them. He said he looked them in their eyes before closing his own, then pulled the trigger.

"He took off two dog tags around his neck, threw them at me and said, 'Don't you understand? Your brother is a murderer,'" Debbie said.

The dog tags, which she said had Arabic letters scratched in them, were the ones her brother claimed he took from the soldiers he said he shot.


Jeff was never much of a drinker in high school, Lamory said. But when he returned from Iraq, his drinking became "disgusting." . . . "What's going on, man?" he demanded of his friend. "What are you doing to yourself?"

As he drank, Jeff told him about a small Iraqi boy he saw, riddled with bullets and lying dead in the street with an American flag clutched in his hand. Jeff said his truck was being shot at while he was driving by the boy, but he jumped out and brought the boy�s body into an alley - sparing it from more bullet holes.

When Jeff came home, he brought the bloodstained American flag with him.

"He said whenever he goes home at night he just goes into his room and cries and stares at the flag," Lamory said. "I figured it was something Jeff had to work out. I didn't understand it when he killed himself."