October 15th, 2004


Does this surprise you?

Bush administration fights to legalize torture.

Secret arrests by mysterious people in private jets, as documented by Swedish television and Seymour Hersh. It's called extraordinary rendition. The outsourcing of torture on unconvicted -- and often innocent -- individuals. The American Bar Association is strongly against it, and the Democrats are trying to pass legislation to ban it. Apparently international treaties against torture aren't enough anymore.

Mutiny in Iraq?

A 17-member Army Reserve platoon of the 343rd Quartermaster Company from Rock Hill, S.C., is under arrest for refusing a "suicide mission" to deliver fuel.

(Original link replaced due to temporary site outage.)

The soldiers were arrested for refusing to go to Taji, Iraq -- north of Baghdad -- because their vehicles were considered "deadlined" or extremely unsafe. The platoon is normally escorted by armed Humvees and helicopters, but did not have support for this mission.

**Update - Soldiers released, but may still be charged. Meanwhile, the command will "assess armor" on the vehicles and add steel plating, if necessary. **