October 2nd, 2004


Government Cuts off Iraq Intel to Congress

One of the barometers of the relative success or failure of the occupation of Iraq are the Kroll reports -- reports issued by Kroll Security International that report the number of daily attacks by insurgents in Iraq.

However, after The Washington Post published a front-page story saying that "the Kroll reports suggest a broad and intensifying campaign of insurgent violence," a government official sent an e-mail to congressional aides stating: "This is the last Kroll report to come in. After the WPost story, they shut it down..."

I guess they didn't want people to know there were over 2,300 attacks in Iraq in just the past 30 days.

Now they're saying that they have "restricted its circulation to those contractors and grantees who continue to work in Iraq." Congressional officials can still request the reports, but they will be "restricted to those who need it for security planning in Iraq."

Which is a polite way of saying that it doesn't matter if you're a member of the House or Senate... you're probably not going to get access to inteligence as to how often US soldiers are being attacked in Iraq.

Apparently, our government thinks that Congress functions best in a state of cowed ignorance.

That said, if anyone out there in Iraq has regular access to the Kroll Reports, I'd be glad to get them in the hands of not only our politicians, but the media as well. Hell, I could even shop them around for you... so long as I get my 20% commission. ;-)

"Iraqi blogger" indulges in disinformation.

"Sam" of http://hammorabi.blogspot.com has graphic pictures on his site of children killed by Zarqawi terrorists in Baghdad on Thursday.

Horrible and tragic, indeed.

Even more tragic, however, is that a Reuters camera crew filmed their identical twins, who died that same day after a US airstrike in Fallujah. Those kids really move fast for kids that will never move again.

Is "Sam" a victim of disinformation, or is "Sam" a practicioner? Could "Sam" be an Uncle, perhaps?!

(It seems wrong to pin this one on THE KILLERS in the above photo. Maybe I should edit the picture?)

***UPDATE - The weblog in question, in response to numerous requests from its readers, has added a correction.***

First post-debate poll says...

Kerry retakes the lead!

Admittedly, it's only a 3% lead, but with Kerry holding the initiative and debates on Bush's most vulnerable issues coming up, all is not well in their camp.

It should be remembered that this is the same John Kerry who, when he was running for the Senate in 1996, trailed Massachusetts governor William Weld by over 8% just a month before the election.

And it all changed during the debates. Everyone expected Kerry to be outshined by Weld's likeability and charisma... Weld had won the race for the governor just two years earlier with a massive 71% of the vote in a pro-Democrat state. Many thought he was on the way to the Presidency.

In the debates, however, Kerry was strong, composed, agile, and surprisingly personal at times, outperforming Weld, even though Weld's performance was still considered quite strong.

On the eve of the election, the race was viewed as too close to call. On the day of the election, however, Kerry didn't just beat Weld... he beat him by 7%, gaining over 15% in the polls in just one month.

Weld was a charismatic, articulate, populist Republican, and John Kerry sent him permanently out to pasture... and George W. Bush is no William Weld.