September 12th, 2004


Hurricane Ivan - Journals from the Islands.

Using LiveJournal to track more of the stories of Hurricane Ivan. It's still many hundreds of miles away from the U.S., but there are some interesting posts coming in from people in Grenada, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands...

emt036 studies at St. George's University, Grenada, and apparently either took shelter or evacuated before the storm. Still no update from him... which isn't that surprising, considering how badly Grenada got hit. There is word that the U.S. State Dept. arranged several flights to evacuate over 1000 U.S. citizens, most of whom are students. Considering the widespread looting after the hurricane, this seems a likely answer.

jamaicaoutsider has an interesting perspective on the hurricane. You should read her post, if only to find out about duppy.

Also on Jamaica, skitsuhfrenik's house survived with just a damaged door, but...
"I just pray that they clear the roads and restore power soon so that my peeps don't starve to death."

hammockgal's family has taken shelter in the Cayman Islands as the hurricane approaches Grand Cayman with 155 mph winds, but she appears to be at school in the U.S. (They just rode out Charley too...) Let's hope she can get in touch with them sometime soon. Something tells me that cellphones won't be working for awhile after the storm hits.

laura_bora rode out the storm and took this picture of some of the typical flooding that Jamaica has faced.

Oh, and I just wanted to say that LJers who list themselves as living in foriegn countries when they really don't are goddamn annoying. They don't see the damage they do to the development of *REAL* overseas LJ communities... how would you feel if you were a Jamaican LJer who tried to find other LJers in Jamaica, only to have to wade through endless journals by stoned, mall-addicted teenangsters? Now *that's* depressing.

What's next for Hurricane Ivan?

By drifting further west than originally predicted, Hurricane Ivan is on a course that could hit Panama City, Pensacola, or Mobile at the Cat-2 to Cat-5 level, with the potential to be one of the most expensive, damaging hurricanes ever to hit the US mainland. Cuba will only be clipped, and the eye will stay over the warm waters between Cuba and the Yucatan peninsula.

** Update - Ivan has regained strength after dropping to 150 mph earlier. It is now a 160 mph Cat-5 hurricane again. It is continuing to track somewhat west of projections, which could mean the difference between a hit on Panama City and a hit on Mobile. **

The track and scale of the storm is starting to look alarmingly like that of 1979's Hurricane Frederic.

We'll see...

Want to bust someone, music industry? Bust Peter Buck!

Apparently, REM's Peter Buck has given everyone who has worked on their new album a nice gift -- iPods full of music he loves and thinks they should listen to. That's approximately 10,000 counts of music piracy per iPod, and apparently he's done this many, many times at this point.

Wouldn't you love to see that case go to trial... or are only the fans eligible to be busted?!

Frankly, I think that a group of musicians should get together and openly defy the recording industry on this one -- trade each other's songs with fans, flaunt the law, and ask the music industry to kiss their rosy red arses.

The truth is, musicians don't lose money to file traders -- they lose money to a sick, outmoded industry that is trying to outlaw a newer, different kind of music industry and new technologies that will actually make most musicians a helluva lot more money than they make through releasing albums commercially. Even though there are certainly well-meaning lovers of music in the music industry, the industry, such as it is, is really little better than a parasite under the circumstances.

Ultimately, the industry should work for the musicians -- the musicians shouldn't work for the industry -- and the fans shouldn't be the victims.