August 29th, 2004


An Ode to Interpol.

Interpol is a swell band, their music strong and pure.
but some, however, view them great; they have a strange allure.
Is it their Factory minimalist streak, a dash of Naked Lunch?
I think it is their singer Paul, just going on a hunch.
He seems so pleasant, dresses sharp; Armani all the way.
(Sure he's a bit effected, but he doesn't swing that way.)
He doesn't get in drunken brawls, he doesn't throw his mic,
He doesn't slob, he doesn't gob, no mohawk, earring, spike.
So why is he so closely watched, if he will never hurt us?!
I think it's that we wonder if he'll do an Ian Curtis.

Another bad hurricane on the way.

This one is Frances, and it's already at Cat-4 strength.

This is a very dangerous hurricane, coming in strong and slow, currently moving west at 9mph, with 135 mph winds. It's on a path that could veer as south as Miami or curve off to the north along the gulf stream into the Carolinas. Its most likely course, however, has it hitting land somewhere near Cape Canaveral next Saturday. It's projected path has curved northwards throughout the day, however, whch could lead to the hurricane threatening major cities such as Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC.

It's still a week out, but it's never too early to be prepared. This hurricane could come in as a Cat-5, and even cause major damage far inland, so plan accordingly.

BTW, the slower a hurricane is, the more dangerous it tends to be. The reason for this is because most of its strength isn't caused by rushing inland quickly, but from its incredibly fast, tightly focused formation. Imagine you have a weak lawn mower and you want to cut down a thick, overgrown patch of grass. If you rush in quickly to do it, the mower blades willcatch on things, slow down, and generally not succeed in cutting. But if you mow the patch really slowly, it will cut down everything uniformly.

Kind of like Hurricane Andrew, which came in on a very similar path and was actually less powerful than Frances at this point on its trajectory.

So yeah. For those of you in the potential path of Frances, consider this a very serious warning.

Addendum -- imomus notes that the two of us appear to have shared a strange synchronicity. Color me bemused and amused!

Be poly -- evolve faster.

Apparently, scientists have good reason to believe that polygyny, not monogamy, was the defacto standard for our ancestors, as it explains some interesting discrepencies in our evolutionary history.

Here's an interesting show idea... Get a crack team of geneticists and genealogists and let them loose on well-known people's DNA and family history, just to see what they can find.

"Hm. Looks like your ancestors liked each other a little bit too much..."