August 25th, 2004


These are the kinds of moments on which history turns.

Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani has returned to Iraq, and is calling on Iraqis to march on the city of Najaf, in order to bring peace to it. Moqtada al-Sadr also called on his own followers to join the march.

Presumably, Sadr and his forces will freely walk away from the shrine. Will they be walk away heroes too?

It seems ironic to think that we might see fighting in Najaf ended by, of all things, a peaceful march.

Another piece of our history has been set free!

Wow. "This Land" really was made for you and me! Who knew?!

It's altogether fitting that Woody Guthrie wrote these words in the forward for his release of "This Land is Your Land" as sheet music:

"Hollywood songs don't last . . . They sprout, they burst, they bloom and they fade. Wagon loads of your good money are shoveled and scattered onto them, but they are not our true history and we don't take them deep into our heart.

The monopoly on music pays a few pet writers to go screwy trying to write and rewrite the same old notes under the same old formulas and the same old patterns. The songs have no guts . . . How can they be otherwise when they have no connection with the work and the fight of the whole human race? They are bad. They are hurtful, poisonous, complacent, distracting, full of jerky headaches and jangled nerves. I have heard fighting men in war zones scream and demand that the gibbery radio be shut off or it would be smashed.

Several million human skulls have been cracked while our human race has worked and fought its way up to be union. Do the big bands and the orgasm gals sing a single solitary thing about that? No. Not a croak. Our spirit of work and sacrifice they cannot sing about, because their brain is bought and paid for by the Big Money Boys who own and control them and who hate our world union. They hate our songs, our fight songs, our work songs, our union songs, because these are the Light of Truth and the mind of the racketeer cannot face our Light. I would not care so much how they choose to waste our personal lives but it is your money that they are using to hide your own history from you and to make your future a worse one."

Well, this is one bit of our history they'll never be able to keep out of our hands ever again. Thanks Woody!