July 13th, 2004


Off with their heads!

Iraq is planning to reinstate death penalty.

"The death sentence will only be applied the way it is applied in many of the world's most advanced societies," said interim Iraqi prez al-Yawir.

Which of "the world's most advanced societies" is he talking about? Libya? Cuba? North Korea? The pickings are pretty slim, really...

That said, it's great to live in the United States. That death penalty sure does wonders to deter murders. I sleep better at night knowing that if I am killed in my sleep, there's about a 66% chance that my murderer will be convicted someday, and about a .25% chance that they will face the death penalty. No, I didn't say a 25% chance... I said .25%. One in 400. And to make matters worse, there's an approximately 13% risk that they'll arrest the wrong person. Gotta love that death penalty!

So, basically, the Iraqi government is going to offer a "second chance" to the resistance. They can either surrender or die. Apparently, though, this offer of amnesty doesn't apply to those who have managed to kill anyone though... you know, the resistance that actually knows how to fight. They, apparently, can either die or die.

If you were a member of a resistance group in Iraq but hadn't killed anyone, would *you* come forward for amnesty, knowing that the your friends in the resistance who *had* killed someone would hunt you down as a traitor should they find out? What is the Iraqi government going to do to protect these people? Lock them up in solitary for their own safety?

Who will be arresting these "deadenders" anyway? The Iraqi forces? You mean the same ones who, when a base in Samarra was being overrun a few days back, didn't stand and fight, but, instead, ran for the locker room to change into street clothes so they could run away without getting caught?

"Deadenders" are just that. They will stop surrendering -- as they frequently have done until now -- and will fight to the death. If resistance troops are seen fleeing back into urban areas, our troops will do their sweeps, and "round up the usual suspects" -- many of whom will be innocent -- and Iraqi justice will convict many of them and put them to death.

Hell, if the Iraqis institute that martial law that they're talking about, who needs a conviction?! Perhaps our soldiers could execute prisoners without a conviction "at the request of the Iraqi government".

And you know what will be said, "Those people all look the same..."

[sarcasm] Yeah. This is sounding better and better all the time. [/sarcasm]

Gay marriages cream Bush.

Bush loses on gay marriage measure... he can't even get his own party to reliably vote for it. Why? Because they believe he's highly vulnerable and don't want to associate too closely with his policies prior to the next election, for fear they'll get caught in the backlash. They are finally beginning to understand that the tide has turned, and that the most popular Republicans these days are social moderates and fiscal conservatives.

Bush wanted to make gay marriage a partisan election year issue, and it blew up in his face. Why? Because his advisors were political dumbasses who wanted to change the focus of this election in the most meanspirited way possible. It didn't work. All they've done is highlight the fact that Bush is a divider, not a uniter.

This will be a big issue in the debates and on Election Day... not gay marriage. Why? Because Americans are tired of their politics being so divisive. More people are scared of a government which is willing to enforce morality at the Federal level than are scared of what might happen if that gay couple down the street actually become an old married couple rather than just act like one.