July 3rd, 2004


Colin Powell "Y.M.C.A." video now online...

It's located here, though I want to find a full copy without the vapid commentary. Something tells me that the Daily Show will have it on tomorrow, though.

I think Colin Powell sang Y.M.C.A. because it was the closest thing the Republicans could do to courting the gay vote, without having to do a goddamn thing.

Did you know that the Kerry campaign has rainbow flag stickers? I saw him sign some at his speech in San Jose recently, infact. I was very proud of him for doing that.

They say:

John Kerry

Kerry's apparently a ripple of hope. Not a wave, or even a swirl, or one of those scary tsunamis. Just a simple, mildly swishy ripple we can all hopefully learn to live with. Vanilla rainbow ripple.

It occurs to me that the Bush campaign needs a GLBT-oriented bumper sticker that mainstream Republican voters would be proud to put on the back of their pickup trucks, which expresses their heartfelt convictions regarding the rights that gays, lesbians, etc. should have.
How about:

Vote Bush / Cheney '04
... or I'll chain you to my bumper and drag your ass.



Iraq militants say Marine beheaded. These people just made themselves lasting enemies with some people you really don't want to mess with. Hopefully, the Marines won't come to view all Iraqis as "the enemy", but there will be a whole lotta anger about this one.

The terrorists claim that the Marine was lured offbase by an Arab girl he was having relations with. This seems like a reasonable explanation for his disappearance, compared to the rumors of defection that some people were floating around.

The terrorists also claimed that they have another hostage, and will soon issue a videotape to prove it.

And so the cycle of violence continues in Iraq... yadda, yadda, yadda. New month, new government, same old problems.