June 23rd, 2004


Mixing political.

Awhile back, I sent out an inquiry about a big fundraiser that they're having in San Jose for John Kerry, only to hear that they had a limited amount of $500 tickets... and plenty of $1000 tickets, of course. I let them know that although I would love to support Kerry, that was just way out of my league.

But I got an email back from the person putting on the event saying "Ok. You're in." So, I guess tonight I'm going to a very ritzy party for a few thousand of the most well-heeled people in the Bay Area. I also get to see Carole King, who will be performing.

I'm curious who will be in the audience. I half-wonder whether Jobs or Woz will be there. Expect me to moblog pictures and comments throughout the evening. Yeah, I know. Pretty geeky, eh?!