June 11th, 2004


I'm very proud of my country.

I'm talking about my *other* country, Britain, who gave the Liberal Democrats 30% of the vote in the local council elections, beating out Labour by 4%, outperforming them for the first time ever.

Some will view this as a win for the Tories, but 38% of the vote does not a majority make. Britain wants its leadership to be both liberal and progressive, and that's why the real shift that happened was about a 6% shift away from Blair and towards real change.

Tony Blair and his whole ideology is on the rocks. New Labour is beginning to look like an old Whig!

Midnight Oil burns Howard's End.

Mark Latham, the Labour Party leader in Australia, has persuaded Peter Garrett, the former singer for Midnight Oil to run for parliament.

Smashing! Hopefully it will help to unify Greens and Labour to work together to defeat Howard and his minions.

The Bush administration has exposed themselves to be hypocrites... after making a stink about Kerry claiming support from politicians in other countries, both Bush and Colin Powell made veiled threats to Australians about what the U.S. might do should Latham beat Howard and withdraw Australian forces from Iraq. There is reason to suspect that these threats could backfire on the Bush administration, however, and lead to a backlash that topples Howard.

The Bush administration's overt interference and bullying has guaranteed that the main issue in the Australian election won't *just* be about Iraq, but about Australian independence itself.