March 30th, 2004


The least painful political donation you've ever made.

Are you attending any college classes? Are you opposed to the Bush administration? How would you like to donate money to help change things... for free?!

Simply click on:
...fill out the petition form, and's voter fund members will donate a dollar in your name, up to a total of a million dollars.

Best of all, LiveJournal is a great place to spread the news to your friends and get others to help out too. Copy and paste this into your journal, and you can help change the course of the next election... pretty nifty!

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LJ-crosspost for Movable Type weblogs makes me happy. You see, even though I would love to have a Movable Type-powered weblog, I wouldn't want to duplicate effort or make "the jump". I'd far rather build a bridge than pick one side of the chasm and stick to it.

There's no doubt that some of the appeal of journals and weblogs is in the interaction and feedback, so why should we settle for anything less than mirroring?

Nobody talks back to an RSS feed... at least not yet.

And why only one bridge?! Why not mirror a weblog to multiple blogging / commenting systems?

Now if only it were easier to merge comments from multiple sources into one large conversation... that would be sweet!

(Yes, yes, trackback, I know. Will it work? Not like I want it to, and certainly not on LiveJournal yet. They have trackback on, however, which is based on LJ's code. Infact, they've had it for 8 months. Their code is open source, too. So... what's LJ's excuse?!)