March 2nd, 2004


Coup d'etat?! Quite possibly, yes.

I don't want to belabor the issue, but let's just say that I find accusations of US involvement in a Haitian coup to be particularly disconcerting, especially since some of the US claims just don't add up.

... for instance, Aristide claims to have been taken against his will to the Central African Republic, and has been able to make calls thanks for a person who snuck him a mobile phone. Assuming that Aristide *wasn't* abducted against his will, how is it that an employee at the Aristide estate confirmed his abduction story to the media? Are we to believe that Aristide, in addition to contacting prominent US politicians, also contacted his housekeeper, limo driver, groundskeeper, and personal valet, just to make sure they kept his story straight?

Also, why does Colin Powell claim that attempts to get Aristide exile to places of Aristide's choosing were rebuffed, when Aristide himself said he was never asked where he wanted to go and South Africa, a very friendly country to Aristide and Haiti, denies that a request for asylum was ever made? Aristide, in fact, told Lou Dobbs that he wanted to go to the U.S. to clear his name and tell the truth, but he was never given the opportunity, even though his wife is a US citizen. Apparently, the US can play host to exiled, murderous dictators like Ferdinand Marcos, but can't stomach elected leaders like Aristide, even when there is a clear legal right for them to be in this country.

This, of course, doesn't even touch upon the (unanswered) questions that U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee had for Colin Powell just a few weeks ago that point towards a US-led, US-funded coup.

Yeah. Tell us something we *don't* know....

Venezuela's president Hugo "cajones grandes" Chavez called George Bush an asshole yesterday, attacking him voiciferously for supporting a coup against his popularly-elected government.

This ordinarily would be a nice joke, but it has a real effect on the world's economy and on your finances, because Venezuela is a major exporter of oil. They've told the Bush administration in no uncertain terms that any further interference with their country or economy will result in an oil boycott of the U.S. As a result, oil prices escalated sharply, to near $37 a barrel, making an already bad oil situation that much worse.

These high oil prices effect the cost of most every product and business you can imagine, because most products and businesses require energy, oil-based products, the shipping of goods, etc. Compare oil prices today to those seen during the Clinton era, and you'll notice that Clinton's less aggressive approach to foriegn policy paid off nicely -- a robust, growing economy, a "peace dividend", and oil prices that averaged about half of those today -- the lowest oil prices (adjusted for inflation) in American history.

So, just to clarify, when you go to the pumps, pay more for produce or petrochemical products, see more jobs go overseas, or see people get laid off... you'll know which president to blame, and the correct swear word to use when referring to him.