February 21st, 2004


Classic! Punk! Rock!

Cheers for the members of the 80's Welsh band, The Alarm!

Convinced that the corporate music industry discriminates against older bands, they gave themselves the pseudonym The Poppyfields and persuaded a younger bunch of musicians to mime their parts for the video and album release.

Sooo... The Poppyfield's single, 45 RPM, went into the British charts this week at #28. It sounds like a really good song for them, too. A fresh classic!

New userpic

I wanted a userpic that wasn't me being "Mr. dark & evil". There's a cute story as to why I took the new userpic, but it will have to wait for another day, circumstances permitting.

I snapped it with the phonecam in front of my computer room's one remaining working lightbulb, with no effects whatsoever. (Must get more lightbulbs!) Unusual lighting does funny things -- my hair seems to have highlights that I only occasionally notice.

I can't swear to the picture being reality, but since when have pictures ever been about reality? Besides, often realistic pictures reveal less than surreal ones. I think the picture is kind of otherworldly and apprehensively positive. An uncertain smile, but a smile nonetheless.

As long as we can all agree that I'm still goth as f*ck, ok?! ;-)
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