February 19th, 2004


More conventions?!

Yes, more conventions.

I am thinking of going over to Alternative Press Expo (APE) in San Francisco on Saturday during the day, but could use a partner in crime. Anyone want to come with?!

I'm kinda looking forward to it, really. It will finally give me a chance to meet Shannon Wheeler / tmcm, who I introduced to LJ several years ago. I would also like to meet colleencoover, who does "Small Favors", a really cool lesbian-themed comic book.

Later on that night at our place will be a gathering for those who wish to say hi to charlottesmtms, who I've known since high school. (In the words of Peter Murphy, "She's alriiiiight...")

Sunday will probably be more hanging out with Charlotte and Kirsten, though there is a meeting at the Doubletree for Baycon staff. May make it over for that one too. Hm. I'd also like to attend Cory's going-away party, though I don't know who else would be interested in that. Maybe Kirsten will recover quickly... or maybe I will have to say hi to Cory if I go over to England next year. We'll see... I still owe a visit to Seattle, Boston/NYC, Atlanta, and Vegas at some point, and I'm still thinking about Japan.

So, yes. Lotsa conventions and things happening. Eek. And I still wish I could squeek in SXSW. Maybe next year.

Phone Post:

227K 0:59
“Okay, I'm here in the hot tub, and you can't really hear it, we'll see whether I can - [splashing] - hear the splashing? That's the hot tub. I don't have the jets on full... maybe you can hear the jets. Probably not, doesn't come through very well. I'm here with Kirsten, and we're hanging out by the hot tub. She's not feeling very well today, but, um, she's getting better I think... say something, Kirsten... <i>Hi</i> yeah, she's recovering, she had some sort of a bug or something... mmm, hopefully she'll be better soon, hopefully I won't get sick soon, aaaand really that's all I have to say.

It's just such a Californian thing I figured I would make the first LJ post from a hot tub, because it just seemed appropriate, so, talk to you later... Bye.”

Transcribed by: roshi