February 3rd, 2004


Much ado-bie about the boobie.

So, what's the big deal anyway? Personally, I like the boobie.

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Really, shouldn't we all be complementing Ms. Jackson on her good taste in jewelery? I always thought that if I were to get a nipple pierced, I'd want a piece of jewelery in a sun design too.

That being said, it's awfully impractical for sweaters, isn't it?!

It's interesting to see that her costume had some kind of snap-on/snap-off gromet holding things together. Apparently, there was supposed to be some red fabric underneath too, but white boy took the whole package by accident. This led to complete failure of the primary nipple containment system, with no redundant failsafe containment procedures in place. A team of NASA engineers were immediately called in to replace the faulty breast shielding with specialized, heat-resistant carbon tiles, normally reserved for the nose cones of small rockets.

Upon seeing the footage of this event, FCC Chairman Michael Powell called for an immediate, full, and complete examination of Ms. Jackson's breast.

The sex ayatollah is in!

I loved this mefi post about how Ayatollah Sistani, Iraq's most important spiritual leader, answers questions on his website, in one case regarding oral sex...

Question: "I am really sorry that I have to ask this type of Question. But Since I grew up in a western country; I really don't much about our religion. And I can't ask this Question to my parents due to subject matter. Brother my question is, can we have an oral sex before or after the sexual intercourse or can we have oral sex at all? Is it haram? "
Answer: "Oral sex act is permissible with the consent of both husband and wife provided that no liquid gets into the mouth."

Sistani -- Iraq's leading proponent of orderly elections and orally erections.