January 18th, 2004


Demoralization and frustration to the nth.

It's got to be demoralizing and frustrating to be an Iraqi worker for the CPA, waiting in line for long stretches of time just to get in to the building where you work.

Under such circumstances, the last thing you need are people with trucks full of explosives willing to take their own lives (and possibly yours in the process.) Twenty people killed, over 60 wounded. (Video from Reuters.)

The obvious response would be "That sucks. These people are all lined up, waiting to be slaughtered everyday. How can this happen? Shouldn't these people have the best security available in all Iraq? If this really is the best that the coalition can do to protect their workers, then it's a wonder that they all don't quit their jobs!"

Not many good answers today.

The meaning of this attack may not come through loud and clear for most Americans, who will see this as the latest in a string of bombings. Less Americans died in this blast than in others, after all. The Iraqis, however, will get the intended message loud and clear.

Spam on the inside!

I just received my first piece of "real" spam via LiveJournal's commenting, as opposed to those which scrape LJ email addresses for their lists.

I would normally not point such things out, except that I was the one who pushed so hard to get rid of invite codes, and spam was considered to be one of the risks involved in making accounts free. Note that this spam wasn't via an actual LJ account though, and was via anonymous comments. That risk has always been a lot greater, IMHO, than the risk of spam from account holders.

So, here it is. Not really that annoying... yet. It wouldn't have even been visible if I hadn't unscreened it. Hopefully LJ's staff can tweak things to make such annoyances less likely in the future to get through the site's security. As for me, I will sleep well, knowing that it's not my fault/problem.

Hey! This is liberation!

Family law in Iraq is no longer going to be secular -- it will, instead, be according to Islamic law, which represses women. Riverbend will learn what this means firsthand, as she and her brilliant mind will have to live trapped in the body of a second-class citizen.

So, as a recap, Iraq was led by Saddam Hussein, a guy who coddled 35% of Iraqi civilians while repressing the other 65%. He got pretty violent at times and he didn't play by U.S. rules, so he was taken out and is in the process of being replaced by a government that will coddle 65% of the population, and repress the other 35%.

Of course, under Shari'a, half the population (i.e. women) will also be repressed, so that means that 32.5% of the population will be coddled, and 67.5% will be repressed.

The sad thing is that Shari'a can coexist with laws that protect the rights of women, such as in Singapore. That won't happen in Iraq, however. Selling women down the drain is part of the cost of keeping the Shi'ite leaders happy with their soon-to-be unelected government. It also could be seen as a way of reducing unemployment -- women shouldn't "have to work" anyway. Let's stick them at home and put them behind the veil. It's what their god wants, after all, and they'll probably be happier that way.

When God talks, Bush listens. Apparently God wants to keep women in their place.

Expect the percentage of the population who is repressed to climb even higher in the future when the new Iraqi government gets powerful enough to assert itself and the Kurds get screwed over. (Yes, again.)

Got my hot tub mojo risin'!

One of the less-talked-about embarassments for hot tub owners is when their tubs just aren't quite right. Well, I had a slight problem at the party. I don't want to go into it, except to say that the water wasn't as hot as I would like. I didn't know what was wrong. It never happened before... I swear!

In any case, I fixed the problem today. Essentially, my poor hot tub was suffering from poor chi flow. Well, after lots of good lovin', the chi is flowing again better than ever before, things are really heating up, and the water is crystal clear and glistening with a fine mist.

Gonna turn on the mood lighting and get down wid it. Yeaaaaah, boyee!