January 11th, 2004


Sheesh. Some people are so untrusting!

I couldn't resist using Cryptome's guide on using the USGS 'seamless' viewer to retrieve high-res satellite images of major US cities.

What I find amusing is this pic of the Capitol building.

Notice how the images for some buildings seem crystal clear, while others are pixelated? That is no accident, my friend...! No, you can't zoom in and read license plates, but you can certainly tell more or less what kind of car somebody owns.

Mmm. Much better. Let freedom ring.

Iraqi mother presses case - "American soldiers drowned my son."

This post contains the letter that an Iraqi mother wrote to the president, prime minister of Britain, president of the Iraqi Governing Council, Paul Bremer, Kofi Annan of the UN, etc. seeking an investigation for the case of her son, who at midnight on January 3rd of this year near Samarra were stopped and removed from their vehicles by a U.S. patrol, handcuffed, and led to an overhang overlooking the Tigris, where they were pushed into its deep and fast-moving waters. The son died. The cousin survived.

If there is any truth to this, it is an act of cold blooded murder. I hope the investigation uncovers the truth of the matter.