January 8th, 2004


SRL goes Vegas, baby...!

Survival Research Labs is packing up the show and moving it to Vegas. It amazes me that they found someone so wreckless courageous as to book them, but I strongly advise SRL virgins to go, as you will see things that I can more-or-less promise that you will never see anywhere else. It's good clean fun, in a loud, disconcerting, "that robot is going to kill us all" kind of way.

Another less than stellar day in Iraq.

Blackhawk down near Fallujah kills 9 US soldiers, with another soldier killed and 33 injured in a very effective mortar attack in Balad, and a military cargo jet hit and forced to make an emergency landing in Baghdad. Pretty screwed for a single day.

... and part of the reason could be that the army has begun a huge rotation of forces into and out of Iraq -- the largest, fastest movement of American troops in decades. Unfortunately, this also leads to attacks of opportunity, with many more planes, helicopters, and assembled (i.e. vulnerable) groups of soldiers to fire at.

Hopefully, it won't take the new troops too long to get up to speed, as that could lead to some of the same cultural and security problems we have already seen so far. And just think... we're only 10 months into this thing and on the verge of 500 US dead, with many thousands more seriously wounded, with plans to keep troops there for at least another three years. Oh joy. Bush better hope that things take a turn for the better toot sweet, or he could find that all the talk in early November isn't about the election, but about the thousandth dead US serviceman in Iraq.