Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

who'da thunk?!

Apparently, tonight's party isn't just a party that celebrates 10:28 pm, but it's also Tolkien's eleventy-first birthday. What I can't believe is that - given my circle of friends - I didn't hear about this earlier. Maybe I should have made arrangements to show nickzedd's "Lord of the Cockrings" or something...

The cool thing about this is that we were already going to have cake. Even cooler is that you only really need three standard candles to represent an eleventy-first birthday, because I'm not going to buy and light 111 candles.

So, yeah... we'll celebrate that too with a toast (or toasts...) to "The Professor". Somehow, I suspect that our LOTR-FOTR special edition DVD will see more use tonight. There are also rumors of elves in the woods...

Nevertheless, it will still be a stunning event when the potato drops!

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