December 19th, 2003


Elf on the town.

Elfnapped! Santa woefully understaffed as Christmas elf kidnapped, paraded around the country. Anonymous photos keep arriving in the mail, however.

More elven travel pictures available here.

Police are looking for a mysterious masked woman who was spotted near the scene of the crime.

As the light slowly goes out in the world...

If you think that global warming is scary, wait until you hear about global dimming. Most scientists aren't even aware of the concept, but Japanese scientists say that the amount of solar radiation striking the earth's surface has decreased 10% in just 30 years.

On the positive side, it's a great time to specialize in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder!

Where's discrimination when you really need it?!

It's amusing watching the effect that webloggers and word of mouth have had on the American Family Association's poll on homosexual marriage. At one point, those opposing a ban on homosexual marriages and civil unions had 80% of the vote... but look at them now. They're getting trounced on their home turf.

I wonder whether they still intend to present the results to Congress, as they claimed on ? Perhaps we should be helpful and send it to Congress for them?!