December 15th, 2003


For the love of cloves...

I used to smoke cloves regularly, but -- having generally sworn off smoking -- only occasionally touch lips to clove when I am out on the town.

Fortunately, there's Clove Gum, the second oldest chewing gum still produced. Clove Gum's heyday was during and immediately following the prohibition era, where it was given out in bars to cover up the smell of liquor.

Unfortunately, it is hard to find, as they only make a run of it every 3-4 years or so. Once the batch is sold out, you're stuck with quite a wait on your hands.

Probably the cheapest place to get it is at MCT Wholesale, who sells it to the public for around 56 cents a pack (around 10 cents a stick) if you buy it by the box. It's in their catalog under "Nostalgia Clove Gum".

Get it now or wait another three years.


I agree with Salam Pax on this one...

"I want a fully functioning Saddam who will sit on a chair in front of a TV camera for 10 hours everyday and tells us what exactly happened the last 30 years .... We all know he should rot in hell. but what I do care about is that he gets a public trial because I want to hear all the untold stories."

Seriously. Saddam should be allowed to implicate as many co-conspiritors as he can, no matter whether they are Americans, British, German, or French. The outcome of Saddam's trial is largely moot, but if it can serve some purpose, it can help to make it clear to "decent democratic politicians" that if you help out the scum of the earth, your hands might get dirty too.

Let's face it. Reagan and Bush Sr. almost certainly knew about arms for hostages in Iran. They also helped arm and train many of the same forces that became Al Qaeda. Now, with any luck, they will get one more black mark on their record for their invaluable assistance in the most widespread use of deadly chemical weapons since WWI. And yet, there are -- as always -- no repercussions. Maybe this time, however, there will be more of a stench.

Hopefully, we can stop talking about putting Reagan on the dime soon.