November 27th, 2003



Cryptome got ahold of some pictures of the DHL plane in Baghdad that got hit by a surface-to-air missile.

...and that is why DHL isn't flying into Baghdad anymore.

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Wm. Buroughs does the honors, in this video. Not the first time that I've linked this, but it's been a few years, and it is Thanksgiving after all.

"A nation of finks" doesn't sound too out of line in the context of Total Information Awareness, Patriot Act warrantless searches and wiretaps, monitored checkout lists at libraries, and where Bush nearly had a private army of meter readers and mailmen peering in our windows. So far in the US, popular resistance against these acts hasn't focused on the government's effort to spy on the people, however -- the biggest complaints were about the government's attempt to get the people to spy or inform on each other. This could change soon, however, especially if the enemy is eventually defined as "the enemy within"... and that day seems closer all the time.

direct and to the point.

halcyonpink pointed out this post he noticed in an online forum recently...

I need at least 10 ladies to join me for this party or else its not worth my time

To all the fun, freaky, decent looking ladies ages 18-35 that live in Southern California or willing to fly out here, would you like to do something wild and crazy with a good looking 22 year old and a whole lotta other women?
(NO CAMERAS, NO OTHER MEN, JUST ME, THE BOOZE AND ALL OF YOU.) Would you help me fufill a fantasy? I am going to propose to my girlfreind in about 3-6 months and before I do that I need to have some fun with some other women. I have never cheated on my girlfreind and I will never cheat on her once we are married so I gotta do this just this one time.

My goal:
I would like to get a hotel room and have a little party with as many decent looking women as possible. Bring all your freaky girlfreinds with you. I would like at least 10 women present but 25 or 50 would be even better. Nothing sexual has to happen even though it would be nice, we will just all get super wasted and see what happens. I dont want to have sex with all of you, just a few that are willing to if any, would be just fine, the rest of you could just watch, play around with some of the other girls or just drink and have a good time.

We will work out all the other details later."

Either we should be grossly offended, or this guy should be viewed as a hero. Good luck to him. I wonder whether it will work.

BTW, did I mention that it's my birthday in seven days?!