November 17th, 2003


Dial a DOA.

Here's one potential reason why the US-led coalition provisional authority in Iraq may be dragging their feet in approving mobile phone contracts in Iraq... Not only could mobile phones provide resistance fighters with a better communication network, they have also been used by some resistance fighters as detonators for improvised explosive devices.

By hooking the ringing mechanisms of mobile phones up to a detonator, the resistance have been able to set off explosives on demand at with significantly less risk. Currently, mobile phones are a rarity in Iraq. However, with more mobile phones out there, it would provide resistance fighters with a near-exhaustable supply of advanced detonators.

As you might suspect, finding explosives to go along with the detonators isn't much of a problem over there...

In pursuit of Bush.

England faces a stormy few days of protests while Bush is in da 'house.

Protesters are using websites and mobile phones to stalk Bush's every move, apparently with the intent of mooning him. The police, of course, are trying to use the information the protesters are putting out in order to follow them around. Sounds like quite a goose chase...

Up to 600,000 protesters will converge on London, and have been granted permission to protest in front of Whitehall and 10 Downing St. They will re-enact the toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue, only they will be using an effigy of Bush. 600,000 vs. 250. Compare and contrast...