November 7th, 2003


Another bad day in Iraq.

A Black Hawk helicopter was downed near Tikrit, killing all six US servicemen on board. Reuters video shows nothing left but smoking wreckage, so it appears there were no survivors. Two additional attacks occured in Mosul, killing one and seriously wounding nine additional soldiers.

39 US soldiers, one Polish soldier, and one British soldier have died in the past week in Iraq, an average of 5.57 soldiers per day, making this the worst week in Iraq since the invasion.

Jessica Lynch says "The military used me!"

Pvt. Lynch, now honorably discharged and with a book coming out shortly, told ABC's Diane Sawyer in a "Primetime" interview to air Tuesday evening that the military blaintantly lied to the American people, using her for propaganda purposes. This was reported in May by the BBC's John Kampfner and by Robert Scheer of the L.A. Times, but the story was silenced after critics like Bill O'Reilly called the reporters "unamerican" and the Pentagon personally called Scheer a liar. Sure, we've all been betrayed and lied to by our government again, but something tells me that these frogs ain't gonna march anytime soon.

More on the Lynch scandal...

I did additional research on the Jessica Lynch scandal and found out some truely disturbing things.

Specifically, several US government officials told the Washington Post that Lynch fought with the Iraqis "to the death" even after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds before being captured. However, on April 4th, Landswuhl Hospital commander, Col. David Rubenstein, denied there were any gunshot wounds on Pvt. Lynch.

On April 5th, however, two gunshot wounds were found, nearly a week after the fact.

In other words, someone from the Pentagon or Washington made up the whole Jessica Lynch story, and then apparently got Lynch's doctors to publicly claim that there were two additional non-existent bullet wounds.

More info on this story is available in the comments of my post on MeFi.

Eek... an open Friday night!

So, I have this evening free as Kirsten is going out to a movie and have bupkus planned. I could tag along with her to the movie, but I kind of want to let her have a "date night", even if this isn't exactly a date...

Potential thoughts:

1> Anyone up to an impromptu party at my place? I have booze, a toasty hot tub, and lotsa wood for starting a fire. Really, seriously. Invade my house! I'll even let you deejay and control the disco lighting!
2> Kidnap me if you have any better ideas. (Bondage gear appreciated, but not required...)
3> Come here and submit to whatever I choose to do in order to entertain you. (Bondage gear appreciated, but not required...)
4> Suggest something else for me to do. Maybe I should see Matrix:Revolutions, or go to Stiletto - I've been meaning to go.

Alternately, I could start a nice big fire out on the patio ...anyway..., go in the hot tub ...anyway... and enjoy all the contrasts between fire and water and wind and, perhaps, rain on my nekkid body. In the event of rain, I splash in puddles, hoot, holler, and use mud, blood, and ashes to decorate myself. (Won't the neighbors be thrilled?!)

I sense a snow job...


U.S. businesses announced 171,874 job cuts in October, up 125 percent from September's level of 76,506. It was the greatest number of job cuts since 176,010 in October 2002.


The Labor Department's employment report on Friday showed a jump of 126,000 workers on payrolls outside the farm sector -- the third monthly rise in a row, far outstripping analyst expectations.

So, one has to wonder -- is a respected independent firm wrong, or is the Labor Department wrong... and if so, why? Has the Bush administration found a way to cook the books?