November 6th, 2003


Urban assault humanoids?!

Le parkour is a new kind of urban sport created in France by David Belle. It reminds me of kung-fu movie chase scenes without the wires... or extreme skateboarding without the skateboard.

Here's David Belle performing some extreme moves. Apparently, there is now a parkour clan in Paris -- a whole team of people practicing, performing, and perfecting these kinds of moves.

Something tells me that we'll see more clans popping up around the world soon, followed by injuries, lawsuits, and signs saying that climbing/jumping is strictly prohibited. Still, it's pretty cool to watch. ( More videos available here...)

Cool idea, bad execution #1

Cool idea:
A USB-powered vibrator with 10 speed settings.

Bad execution:
No remote control software and no downloadable plug-ins that allow you to control the device from popular chat software applications.

Optimal Solution:
Create the software, the plug-ins, a USB device such as this one, and a USB anal toy. Create an open standard for controlling such devices, and encourage the creation of a sex-positive open-source software movement.