October 13th, 2003


The best societal argument against unchecked capitalism that you've never heard!

Blair govt. gags politician for "anti-US" statements in speech.

What Peter Hain, the Leader of the House of Commons, wasn't able to say was:

"We in Britain have far more to learn from Europe's record of social investment than we do from America, if we want all our people to succeed in a knowledge economy. American-style free-marketism may have delivered higher productivity and growth in the US but at a cost of poor public services, low social standards, weak communities, rising violence and high poverty. That's not an agenda for a progressive Europe."

It's about time that a politician said it... or at least tried to. I only wish that it was a US politician who had the balls to say it first.

I can have over 100 channels of cable TV, my choice of a thousand different breakfast cereals, and two dozen types of marshmallow Peeps. Really, everything is just fine so long as I don't get sick, need someone to respond to an emergency, want to use public transportation to reliably get somewhere in a timely manner, want a nearby public park where I can relax after a long day, or would like to visit a library during non-business hours.

But hey... we've got lotsa Peeps!