October 9th, 2003


Mississippi Goddamn!

Some morning DJs set up an elaborate crank call designed to infuriate rednecks. I wonder how many calls they had to make around Greenville, MI to find one...

This, incidentally, is part of the reason why many people in Northern California really wish they could secede from the United States.

Akasha made me do it...

That pesky Queen of the Damned is at it again... this time, she's telling young Scotsmen to kill others in order to become immortal. Of course, immortality loses its appeal when you get a life sentence.

Public Service Reminder:
If a vampire offers you immortality by drinking the blood of your best friend, rather than, say... a vampire... just tell them no. Vampires are infamous for their practical jokes.

Class warfare, anyone?!

"I will hire an outside independent auditor, free of political influence..." Schwarzenegger breaks promise to Californians, hires Donna Arduin to head the 60-day audit of California. Arduin is "on loan" from Florida, where she is Jeb Bush's Budget director. Arduin has been criticized by economists and even prominent Florida republicans for "surreal",misleading, unrealistic, and risky accounting procedures. During her stint as Budget Director, Ms. Arduin oversaw numerous tax cuts aimed at the wealthiest Floridians, while most Floridians saw no significant decrease in taxes. Infact, today Florida has the second most regressive taxes in the nation.The effects of these tax cuts? Unprecidented shortfalls in state tax revenues, with massive budget cuts for public schools, universities, child welfare, vision services for uninsured children, etc.

Hm. Oregon is looking better and better... most anywhere is, really.